Corporate actions started on BlueMeg can soon be filed instantly with Hong Kong’s Company Registry. A first.

Corporate actions started on BlueMeg can soon be filed instantly with Hong Kong’s Company Registry. A first.

BlueMeg’s mission to expedite processes with scalable workflows for Professional Services Providers is restricted by the last mile problem. Company secretaries still need to manually lodge completed forms with the Company Registry (“CR”); this is about to change. CR’s recent announcement is a game changer; it allows us to validate, sign, and submit forms directly with them without the need to go there or log in to a separate portal. Scheduled to be released this year, BlueMeg commits to being the first to offer this feature to our subscribers.

What is this announcement exactly?

The Hong Kong Companies Registry announced a significant upgrade to their Third Party Software Interface (TPSI), which allows the validation, signing and submission of 13 common forms directly into the Registry. These forms include, amongst others, the Incorporation, Annual Return, and changes in officers.

How is this different from the existing e-registry?

The existing e-Registry is mostly used to retrieve information. Submission of corporate actions is done through special software. Software requirements and a hard-to-use user experience limited adoption by Professional Services Providers. Therefore, most submissions are still made in person with paper forms.

This upgrade allows BlueMeg to integrate this last critical step of signing and submission in our award-winning Console. Crafting a simple yet comprehensive experience to transform how you do business with your clients.

What are the requirements for me?

Forms need to be signed using the individual’s user and pin credentials, a process we can automate using BlueMeg Sign. These credentials are securely in our Console, and once the client has electronically signed, we will append these to the form automatically and complete the submission with CR instantly.

Corporate submissions are available once you associate the individual’s account with the company account. Therefore, you must save the Company Code or request it from CR if you don’t have it.

Can I test it?

The Registry aims to release this toward the end of this year, whilst developers get access in Q2. We aim to have a prototype ready in Q2. So connect and register now if you want to be the first to try this yourself.


BlueMeg commits to be the first to integrate these upgrades into our Console. This allows you to prepare, send for signing and submit most of the CR forms with just a few clicks. An absolute game changer for Professional Services Providers in Hong Kong.

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在 BlueMeg 上啟動的公司活動很快可以立即提交給香港公司註冊處。第一個。

BlueMeg 的使命是通過簡化步驟,為專業服務提供商加快工作流程,但受到最後一個限制。 公司秘書仍需親自向公司註冊處 (“CR”) 提交填妥的表格。這即將改變。CR 最近公告了改變提交表格的模式, 允許BlueMeg 直接與他們一起驗證、簽署和提交表格,而無需親自或登錄到CR網站提交。我們計劃於今年發布, 並承諾率先向我們的訂閱者提供此功能。


CR宣布對其第三方軟件界面 (TPSI) 進行重大升級,允許直接向CR驗證、簽署和提交 13 種常用表格。 其中包括公司成立、週年申報表和管理人員變動。


現有的註冊易主要用於查閱信息。公司文件的提交是通過其他特殊軟件完成。 軟件要求和難以使用的體驗限制了專業服務提供商用戶的採用。 因此,大多數仍然是親自到CR提交紙張表格。此升級允許 BlueMeg 將簽名和提交的最後關鍵步驟集成到我們屢獲殊榮的Console。 打造簡單而全面的體驗,改變您與客戶開展業務的方式。


目前的表格需要使用個人的用戶和電子代碼進行簽名,我們可以使用 BlueMeg Sign 自動執行該過程。 這些電子代碼安全地保存在我們的Console中,一旦客戶進行了電子簽名,我們將自動將這些電子代碼附加到表格中並立即通過 CR 完成提交。 而將個人帳戶與公司帳戶相關聯後,即可使用公司提交。 因此,您必須保存公司代碼,如果您沒有,則可以向 CR 索取。


CR 的目標是在今年年底前發布,而開發人員將在第二季度獲得訪問權限。 BlueMeg的目標是在第二季度準備好初版。 如果您想成為第一個親自嘗試的人,請立即連結並註冊。


BlueMeg目標是率先將這些升級集成到我們的Console中。 這使您只需在Console上點擊即可準備、發送以供簽署和提交大部分 CR 表格。 這絕對會改變香港專業服務提供商的營運模式。

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