The BlueMeg console

Screenshot of console

For all your companies, everything is online.

features of the console

Company Calendar
Keep track of your company's health

Our console automatically notifies you on important upcoming matters, to make sure you are fully compliant.

Keep an overview of all your shareholders

Map complex company structures, and view them in a glimpse.

Company Documents
All your corporate documents in one place & online signing

No more shipping documents back and forth, easily view all your documents online.

Sign your corporate actions electronically.

We synchronise with the regulatory bodies (share transfers, appointing of new directors etc.).

Secure and easy Online KYC

Super fast approval via our secure onboarding steps.

On top of that, you will enjoy a wealth of support

Online knowledge base

Our console is linked to our online knowledge base that provides you insight in all the important information about your company and its jurisdiction.

Live chat

Our industry specialists are on stand-by whenever you want via our live chat support.

Give your company a digital presence and tap into our network of accountants, lawyers, notaries and more

Built on Blockchain technology, for security and automation.

exploring blockchain

Our industry is layered with complex processes for both redundancy and protection. While our console is tackling these frustrations, we believe we can do better by integrating Blockchain technology within our console.

The use of smart contracts allows for an entirely new degree of trust and automation. Transforming complex traditional processes into fail-safe, efficient and straightforward steps. By doing so, we will bring your company from the analogue world into the digital era.

The digital version of your company can now explore realms of new possibilities. From interacting with other digital companies to instant share transfers and digital signing. The decentralised ledger, not only protects but works towards greater transparency and enhanced digital identities.

All non-public information is encrypted and accessible only to those individuals and entities that are entitled to view your information. At the same time we still make sure everything is synchronised with the regulatory bodies.