BlueMeg takes care of the business behind your business.

Connecting services

Corporate Secretarial Services

Our team of industry specialists is ready to support you with Corporate Secretarial Services. This includes -but is not limited to- the provision of a company secretary, local directors, a company health check, liquidation services, and registered offices.

Accounting and Bookkeeping Services

Our accounting teams are dedicated to assist you comply with local requirements and setup your accounting systems in accordance with IFRS and GAAP. This includes bookkeeping, (monthly) reporting, group consolidation, statutory accounts, financial statements, and assistance with local auditors, all accessible online.

HR and Payroll Services

We apply for your work and dependent passes on your behalf, provide you with template documents, and guidance through the entire process. Our Payroll services include monthly payslips, calculation of statutory deductions (MPF/CPF), and year-end tax related employee employment earnings.

BlueMeg is building cutting edge technology

Secure Console

BlueMeg SaaS: the Console

Our clients enjoy a dedicated, secure, and digital environment in which they can view and actively manage their companies. Our console transforms the way client interactions take place by making them efficient, easy, and pleasant.

White-labelled SaaS solutions

BlueMeg partners with other corporate service providers globally to deploy state of the art white-labelled versions of its console, allowing them to digitise their operations, achieve great efficiencies, and improve client experience.