BlueMeg’s Console verified as secure by Privasec

BlueMeg’s Console has been verified as secure by the independent, CREST-certified consultancy following an extensive audit, review, and penetration test.

As a platform designed for large-scale collaboration and data management, BlueMeg has always taken a security-first approach in order to ensure best-in-class service for its many international users. For further assurance, BlueMeg enlisted Privasec to assess the Console and identify any potential security risks.

Andrew Jacobs, BlueMeg’s Vice President of Sales and Partnerships, stated, “With Privasec's rich experience in conducting penetration testing across Australia and Singapore, we believe that Privasec has the capability to conduct a comprehensive PenTest and better prepare BlueMeg for upcoming business expansion plans.”

Upon completing a technical validation of the scope and environment of the target area under review, Privasec conducted a grey box penetration test on BlueMeg’s Console. In addition to scanning for common high-level vulnerabilities, Privasec’s certified ethical hackers performed manual exploitation on the web application based on user functions and privileges. BlueMeg underwent thorough testing in accordance with Privasec’s rigorous methodology, which draws on numerous industry-recognised guidelines, including the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP) Top 10 and the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Cybersecurity Framework.

After the exercise, Privasec confirmed that BlueMeg’s Console is secure against a range of potential attack vectors. By embedding security best practices in the Console, BlueMeg is not only ready to deliver exemplary performance and peace of mind for existing users but also well-positioned for continued expansion into other jurisdictions.