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Tricor Group

About Tricor Group

Tricor Group (Tricor) is Asia’s leading business expansion specialist, with global knowledge and local expertise in corporate services, corporate trust & debt services, and governance advisory.

Tricor is headquartered in Hong Kong, with its global office network spanning across the Asia-Pacific region, the Americas and Europe.

Helping Tricor Group to strengthen its digital service offering to its corporate services portfolio across Asia

Partnering with leading technology companies is a key element of Tricor’s digital strategy. They aim to accelerate the digitisation of Tricor’s corporate services portfolio and improve the digital experiences they are bringing to the market.

Digitisation is not just about automating operations for the internal teams but also about delivering digital offerings to clients and their company stakeholders. It was an additional administrative burden and time consuming having to respond to information and document requests by clients. Also, clients seek for transparency of their companies’ information.

How BlueMeg and Tricor work together

BlueMeg integration specialists worked closely with the Tricor teams to develop a detailed understanding of their specific requirements, internal workflow and their existing infrastructure internationally.

BlueMeg built a bespoke integration with Tricor’s infrastructure, which continuously synchronizes huge numbers of documents and data across multiple on-premises locations with the BlueMeg Console, providing easy data retrieval through BlueMeg’s web interface and API.

BlueMeg provides a dedicated, customized cloud-based infrastructure, including the BlueMeg console, API, data lake and database.

The Tricor Team conducted User Acceptance Testing in collaboration with BlueMeg, with robust processes in place to ensure data integrity is maintained.

BlueMeg implemented automated Integration Testing to ensure consistent availability, data integrity and performance of our services.

BlueMeg provided training sessions to the Tricor team in use of the BlueMeg Console, and technical guidance in integrating their own services with our technology.

Key results

By partnering with BlueMeg, Tricor Group has been able to

Launch Tricor Red, their state-of-the-art, online and self-service portal powered by the BlueMeg API, which provides seamless integration with Tricor’s global IT resources.

Allow their clients and their authorised company stakeholders to access the company information and documents 24/7.

Spend less time dealing with multiple clients and company stakeholders; now they can all collaborate across one platform that acts as a single source of truth.

Optimise business processes by synchronising the company information from their backend system with the BlueMeg Console.

We are pleased to be working with JP Koolmees and the BlueMeg team. Our shared common vision to digitalize corporate services will make processes easier for our staff and our clients. We are impressed with BlueMeg's technology and will incorporate their innovations into our own client portal.

Lennard Yong

Tricor Group CEO

Lennard Yong

Tricor Group CEO

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