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BlueMeg is led by its co-founders, Paul, Kiana, Jan-Arie & JP, four professionals with extensive complementary expertise in corporate services, governance, finance, legal, cyber-security, IT infrastructure, and engineering. We formed this fast-growing company in 2017 to completely transform the global corporate services industry and tackle the paper-heavy archaic execution of corporate governance.

Contracts, transactions, and the due process to generate and keep records define structures in economic and legal systems, but the way we keep track of regulation, transactions and control of records simply has to change in today's digital world.

In 2018 we built and deployed the world's first entity management and governance SaaS. It adds new degrees of efficiency, enforcement, and governance - while decreasing the cost of doing business massively. We envisage that BlueMeg's Console will be at the heart of any company globally as a powerful tool for dealing with all corporate governance and related services. This would ultimately enable companies to have full corresponding digital representations of themselves, completely transforming the way these companies are governed and are able to both transact and interact with third parties and each other.

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Our team is complemented by experienced professionals from Singapore, Hong Kong, The Netherlands, Italy, Peru, United Kingdom, South Korea, Philippines, Vietnam, Myanmar, Belgium, France, Germany, USA, India, and South Africa.

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